Step IN or Step OUT

Step IN or Step OUT

It’s as simple as, “What should I wear today” to as complicated as “What do I want to do with my life”. But really, it’s all about a feeling.

The key is we’re trained to THINK, not feel. To be numb. To protect. To turn our heads, to avoid. And that thought patterning and behavior creates energy suck, depleting what you could give to the good sh… in your life. Pretty soon you’re stuck in the whirlwind of ick. And ick is sticky.

But you can change it. Because you created it. ❤

Step 1: Be aware of your stuff.  The things that you DO everyday, the decisions you make or don’t make, and how you act.

Step 2: How does your stuff make you feel?  What feels aligned and good and what feels unsettled or willy nilly…or heck, maybe you’re just spinning in the hamster wheel and stuck in have to’s, should’s, can’ts, need to’s. How do your stuff make you feel?

Step 3: How do you CHOOSE to feel? What if chaos wasn’t a part of your life? What if you reframe what stress is? How do you want to feel every minute, hour and day?

Step 4: Decide if you’re ALL IN. With every decision, determine if you’re all in. If you’re not, you’re out.

A mentor of mine said,

If it’s not a HELL YEAH, it’s a NO!

Whew, I think it’s relieving. I give you permission to let go what isn’t serving you and step into what you want. Because who wants to feel uneasy, guilt and fear over a dumb decision like “should I tell my husband this” or “should I take a nap” or “should I read this book”, etc. PS: Not deciding is a decision.

In the beginning, this may be exhausting, but it will become a habit. You will run everything through your own set of wisdom, not just do what people say and play follow the leader. You won’t just sleepwalk through life, but instead do the work on you (because that’s enough!) so that you can connect your values to what you want to experience in your life.

Make your life a Hell Yeah!

Dr. T

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