You Decide 019: Mom’s Thoughts – Posture: The First Impression

As a chiropractor I got geeky in this! It’s important to learn where poor posture comes from. Yes, those darn phones and inactivity. Yes, when you’re rather hide versus shine. But why? How did it get to that point? Listen up. Learn more about Dr. Tiff at Healing Touch Chiropractic, or follow us on Facebook.

You Decide 018: Callyn Johnson – Posture: The First Impression

Cal is back for a great discussion on the importance of posture. How you carry yourself matters. Picture this: a hunched forward girl, looking down, slowly walking down the hall. How does she feel about herself? Confident and ready to take on the world OR sad, depressed, trying to hide? How you carry yourself says […]

How to Help if Your Child Isn’t Fitting in at School

The Chiropractic Adjustment facilitates the Vagus Nerve (the opposite of the fight/flight system) to instill relaxing, calm, reorganizing and healing. Every adjustment turns ON the circuit breaker switch that was OFF so that the brain can communicate to the body without interference. This allows your child to interact and perform in school at their fullest […]

No more ear infections? Yes, believe it!

The crying. The pulling at the ear. The fever. It's an ear infection. You want your happy baby back again. Chiropractic can help. | Healing Touch Chiropractic

The late night crying. The pulling at the ear. The fever. That thing in your gut that says something is wrong with your baby. You may follow the traditional medical route of antibiotics or you may try natural solutions. But the results don’t change. Your child has an ear infection and you’re feeling the pain. I […]

Beckam’s Story: A Smile Says it All

People are often surprised when I share that much of my practice consists of babies and children. In one recent blog post, “The Best Part of Being a Doctor: A Newborn’s First Chiropractic Adjustment”, I vowed to share with every parent why I believe their child should be adjusted within the first days of life. […]

Healthy Pregnancy, Easy Delivery and Happy Baby: One Mom Shares Her Secret

Last summer we experienced an awesome blessing in our office. My assistant, Lyndi, gave birth to her second child, a darling little boy, who they named Landon. Of course I have a special bond with Lyndi and Landon, we spent her entire 9 months of pregnancy in the office together! But the truth is, all […]

Do Kids Need Chiropractic?

Parents will do just about anything to protect their child’s health, yet many neglect the most important part of their child’s health care program: regular spinal checkups. Subluxation on Delivery: Misalignments in spinal bones which interfere with the normal flow of nerve energy are known as subluxations. Many people still associate them with major trauma. […]

Why Is My Child Always Sick?

Don’t tell me you haven’t wondered… and perhaps as a parent, you’ve even wondered this about your own child…why is it that some kids always seem to be sick? Ear infections, colds, coughs and sniffles, they seem to catch every bug that’s circulating through day care or school. Are they weak, unlucky, is there something […]

Elise’s Story: Transforming Past Regrets into Hope for the Future

Regret can be a difficult thing. It’s something we all face from time to time in our lives, but that doesn’t make it any easier to face the guilt of wrong decisions made and actions not taken. After having a child begin care in our office, it’s common for parents to share with me the […]