You Decide 028: Amanda Kilwein – Getting Schooled on Homeschooling! Part 2 of 2

Hi friends! It’s part two of my incredible talk with homeschooling mama, Amanda Kilwein. Tune in for tips on resources, how to structure your days and mindset to get you through these troubling times. If you missed part one, you can find it here! About Amanda: After a health journey with Lyme that lead Amanda and […]

Should learning lessons always be HARD?

I don’t believe so, but that’s not what I used to think! It’s taken me 40 years to tell myself a different story and train my brain how to respond differently. This was my belief system for years: The stronger the risk, stronger the reward Nothing worth it is easy If you don’t die trying, […]

It’s ok to feel bad…PROBLEMS are what you need MORE of

Problems are what we need to create clarity, to set boundaries and in the end, they create meaning. If you’re sick of having problems, you’re stuck in your comfort zone and you’re not happy. Mark Manson says that your comfort zone is not a place of safety, but FEAR. Hmm…                 Stuck = giving away […]

Face Your Fears

It's Face Your Fears Day and, even though facing your fears can be scary, possibly liberating, even life changing, we need to acknowledge them. | Healing Touch Chiropractic

Face Your Fears Day – Yep, TODAY, October 13, 2015!! I can see your eye roll, your shake of the head, your posture lowering. I can feel your “OMG, there’s no way am I going to bring that nasty thing up to the surface again.” Facing your fears can be scary. Or Liberating. It can […]