You Decide 036: Dr. Tiffany Johnson – Figure Out What You Stand For and Rise Up

ANTI. What a doozy of a prefix. I was recently accused of being anti-medicine, and it occurred to me that I’ve been called anti-this-or-that quite a few times before. First, there is absolutely a time or place for clinics and hospitals. Crisis care is different. But when the body needs healing, I believe in healing. […]

You Decide 033: Cass Kasowski: Compassion is Key in the Battle of Addiction

Losing her mother to a heart-wrenching battle with addictions sent the usually tough-as-nails Cass Kasowski, into a tailspin. Devastated, she found herself battling PTSD, anxiety, panic attacks, insomnia and vivid dreams of her mom – all of which left her questioning whether she would ever bounce back. While she trusted her resilience, Cass knew that […]

You Decide 029: Marilyn McMurray – A Family Saved From Devastation by Homeschooling

Just as COVID-19 has “aggressively coaxed” many people into educating their children at home, Marilyn felt forced to remove her son from the school system, and homeschool him instead. Reluctant from the word go, she didn’t know that homeschooling would eventually save her family from a horrible fate, and actually move them from a place […]

You Decide 012: Mom’s Thoughts – Don’t Take Yourself So Seriously

In my recent episode with Callyn, we talked about how to reset when anxious feelings take over.  Anxiety is what happens when the left side of the brain – our source of logical thought – goes into overdrive. The best way to snap out of that way of thinking, is to get out of the hamster wheel […]

Is NUMBness your safety net?

I was depressed. 16 years old. I remember being in the counselor’s office being scared but mostly uncomfortable. I had made some poor choices and I wasn’t happy. From the outside though, it sure looked like life was perfect – amazing family willing to do whatever it takes, hard-working parents who gave everything they had […]

Another Medication Bites the Dust

Then she nonchalantly said to me, “Hey, I’ve been meaning to tell you that I’m not taking my Anxiety/Depression medication anymore..." | Healing Touch Chiropractic

Before I left the office today, the last patient of the morning nonchalantly said to me, “Hey, I’ve been meaning to tell you that I’m not taking my Anxiety/Depression medication anymore. About three weeks ago, I decided I was ready to live without it.” (This only after 2 weeks of adjustments) I looked at her, […]

Are You “Normal”?

When asked, I often answer with another question: “Does it mean that it’s normal? Or…do we see and hear about this so often that it becomes normal?” | Healing Touch Chiropractic

One of the most common things I hear a patient say when connecting on the first day is, “My doctor said this is normal, my friends all struggle with the same thing and so did my mom, aunts and grandma.” Then I ask, “Does it mean that it’s normal? Or…do we see and hear about […]

Helping Women to Be Happy and Healthy

We watched it as a family and were collectively glued to the screen. At the end of the movie, those last words: “Do not waste what you got, Drew.” | Healing Touch Chiropractic

In my chat with Chris and Andrea on North Dakota Today yesterday, I talked about women and all of the duties we are responsible for – mom, spouse, business owner, employee, taxi, cook, cleaner, social organizer, planner. That picture of ‘a day in the life’ isn’t always glamorous (or for some, isn’t hardly ever glamorous). […]

Life Changing Chiropractic Story on ND Today

About 2 weeks ago, I was journaling and working really hard trying not to “think”.  I kept feeling my wheels spinning as I continued to tell my left brain to BE QUIET!  Then I started thinking about my purpose: To Transform Lives and with that thought I felt a sense of frustration.  I continued to […]