5 Reasons Why I Don’t Take Prescription Medications

There are many more than 5 reasons, but I think these will strike a chord with you. I haven’t always thought this way. I took numerous OTC and prescription medications (think of the pink stuff!) as a child and adolescent. I had chronic immune issues – mono, tonsillitis, strep numerous times, sprains and strains of both ankles […]

Back to School: Excitement or Anxiety?

No, I’m not talking about the kids. I’m talking about YOU, momma. Are you sad (yet proud…but cannot believe how fast they grew up) that they just started Kindergarten? Are you nervous, wondering if they will be ok with new friends, new teachers, maybe even a new school? Are you stressed just thinking about the […]

The 9 Things Crossfit Has Taught Me About Life

1. Compare yourself to yourself, not others. Document to know how far you’ve come, not continuing to stack yourself up to everyone else. Lesson: This is your race. Win it for yourself and nobody else. I hear mommas say this all the time, “I want to exercise for my kids.” I would modify that verbiage […]

Top 5 Unhealthy Habits Worthy of a Permanent Vacation

Well, it’s finally feeling like summer. Chances are you’re planning a vacation; some time away to rest, relax and enjoy the nice weather. Before you grab your suitcase and load up the car, we would like to ask you to pack up one more thing… Everybody likes to “get away” in the summertime. Well, why not […]

Living Your Ideal 100 Year Lifestyle

My friend and colleague Dr. Fabrizio Mancini hosts a weekly show on Hay House Radio. It’s called “Self-Healing with Dr. Fab” and it was inspired by the book, “The Power of Self-Healing”, which I reviewed last year on my “Health with a Healing Touch” blog on AreaVoices when it was first released . I often […]

Simple Steps to a Prescription-Free Lifestyle

Society has created a quick fix world and with that comes confusion on what ‘true health’ really is. Instead of true health being a reflection of overall well-being, we have come to conclude that health is the absence of symptoms, even if those symptoms are simply being masked by a chemical drug. Health only happens […]