You Decide 035: Kristin Jacobsen – Let Your Body Do What It Was Meant To Do

I always describe Kristin Jacobsen and her family as one of my “lighthouse” families. She takes the light we cultivate together, and shines it on everyone she meets. When her son Alex was young he had recurring ear infections. With her doctor’s assurance she assumed it was normal. She masked the symptoms with medications for […]

Kids and Headaches: What else can you do at home?

Headaches can be a sucker of personality and joy at best and debilitating at worst. Avoidance and recovery begin at home. | Healing Touch Chiropractic

There are four major factors at work when healing your child’s headache at home. The first place to look when your kiddo complains of head, eye, jaw, or teeth pain is the neck. The upper neck is the master controller to all of those areas. Posture With the ability to scan their nervous system, I […]

Mama, Do You Have a Poor Pooper?

Over the last 10 years, the most common complaint is being a poor pooper. Even if it's not a primary complaint, it is one that is the most frequent. | Healing Touch Chiropractic

As you probably already know in my writing and teaching, I see a ton of kids in my practice. As a matter of fact, over 50% of my practice is kids who range from healthy newborns of adjusted mamas to teens struggling with anxiety, depression and self-worth issues (by the way, this is now 1 […]

The Medicated Child: 6 Things Parents NEED To Do Immediately

I’ve written about this topic multiple times in my head, just not one that is published.  Upon doing some research this morning, I was once again floored at the stats of medicating for mental illness.  One, it makes me sad to think of all of the KIDS and adults that ‘hate their life’.  The kids […]