You Decide 020: Callyn Johnson – How Injuries Make You Stronger

Injuring her ACL in basketball of her junior year was best described as a “GAME-changer” for Callyn. In this episode, we discuss the major life lessons this experience taught her – First, to see herself as a person, not just an athlete, then to be her own friend and finally prepare so you don’t regret.  Healing […]

You Decide 017: Keely Schlichting – Live Like Landon Lived

This is an incredibly special episode. Keely Schlichting and her family have faced one of the most difficult years: losing their son’s best friend to brain cancer. The impact Landon (12) has made in our community led to the mayor naming a day after him, the beginning of a foundation and Landon’s Light – a […]

It’s easy, just let go

When you realize that showing up as your most pure, true identity is more about “letting go” than “adding in”, the shackles disappear. The pressure of reading more, learning more, being an expert in more goes away. The expectation to be healed in all areas of life so that you can give better service magically […]

Manipulation, incongruence and control

It may not be as obvious as the words look. When I see that word I think it must be blatantly obvious, how wouldn’t I be able to know if I was being manipulative or if someone else is? But it’s not as obvious as it seems. Yet more common that you would imagine. I’ve […]

Let go

…let go, Tiff Hey, Trailblazers, as I was journaling last night, this came up. Ask for help. Be quiet and breathe long enough to hear, to listen. …let go, Tiff Play with no agenda or schedule. …let go, Tiff Follow the leader. Find your mentors and know your mentees. Keep your heart close though. …let […]