You Decide 011: Callyn Johnson – Don’t Take Yourself So Seriously

We’ve got a fun one today! Cal is back and we’re talking about learning how to lighten up when you’re stressed, worried, anxious or “stuck in the mud.”  When we’re feeling that way, we’re stuck in the left, logical side of the brain. So what can we do to bump ourselves over in to the right, creative […]

You Decide 010: Steph Lauritsen – Getting through the Holidays with Meaning AND Money!

If you’re stressed at all about money and the holidays – this episode is for YOU! This week we talk to Steph Lauritsen of, about how to get through the holidays with our finances and hearts intact.  With money struggles being the #1 cause of divorce and infidelity, Steph knows developing financial strategies is about […]

Anything Is Possible

Your life can be different. Get your circuit breakers checked, wherever you are. A pain-free and healthy life is possible. I can help. | Healing Touch Chiropractic

Is It True: Anything is Possible? Back in the day, when we plugged in the vacuum to the already stressed kitchen outlets, the fuse would blow. We would go downstairs and flip the switch and the connection was restored. The lights would come back on, the electrical devices would work and the clocks were reset. […]

5 Reasons Why I Don’t Take Prescription Medications

There are many more than 5 reasons, but I think these will strike a chord with you. I haven’t always thought this way. I took numerous OTC and prescription medications (think of the pink stuff!) as a child and adolescent. I had chronic immune issues – mono, tonsillitis, strep numerous times, sprains and strains of both ankles […]

Are You Falling Victim to Anxiety of Another School Year?

As I’m back in the office connecting with patients and friends, I’ve been hearing very frequently, “Wow, can you believe that August is already here and school starts soon?” And I think to myself (or most likely out loud), “We still have 4 weeks until school starts!” Now, if this was an excited tone coming […]