Steph’s Story

At 25 years old I have already struggled with severe headaches and back/neck pain for years! With my husband and I expecting our first baby, I wanted to take the extra step to ensure that I would have a healthy pregnancy and delivery. After 3 weeks, I no longer experience severe headaches or muscle pains […]

Shannon’s Story

I had never been to a chiropractor before and during the first visit I had, I was surprised at how much individual attention is given. Dr. Tiffany and staff are very friendly, helpful and always ready to go the extra mile to make you feel comfortable.

Scott’s Story

My back was at the point that I could not stand up when I got out of bed in the morning. After going to Healing Touch and being worked on, I slept better and got up with less pain. After a few weeks I got up one morning after sleeping all night with no pain. […]

Schultz Family Story

Chiropractic care has helped my family in so many ways. I have 3 children each with their own story. My youngest who is 17 months suffered from chronic ear infections. Her pediatrician pushed for tubes but I didn’t believe they would help. My other daughter who is 5 is a gymnast and suffers from sensory […]

Lyndi’s Story

Chiropractic was this mom’s secret to a healthy pregnancy, easy delivery and happy baby I had been adjusted during my first pregnancy and I had a healthy pregnancy and a quick, easy delivery (which I credited to chiropractic) so continuing with chiropractic during my second pregnancy was an easy decision for me. I felt great […]

Kim’s Story

Kim suffered from recurring headaches… I have been a long time headache sufferer, meaning that from at least my teenage years and gaining in frequency to lately, at least once a week I was dealing with a headache of varying degrees with a migraine thrown in every now and again just for fun. This was […]

The Kiefert’s Story

Chiropractic keeps the entire Kiefert family healthier… When Aiden was only a couple of months old, he got an ear infection. The doctor said that he would probably have many infections before the winter was over since he was born in January. I had been going to Dr. Tiffany for a couple of years and […]

Kallie’s Story

I started going to Dr. Tiffany during my first trimester of pregnancy. This is my second pregnancy and it has been a lot more difficult then my first. I was experiencing intense migraines that would last days and would cause me vomiting. I also had a lot of nausea. And of course had a roller […]

Dicken’s Family Story

Dr. Tiffany has changed our families way of life. We started seeing her when my youngest daughter was diagnosed with ASD, ADD, ADHD, ODD, SPD, and OCD (she was already diagnosed with seizures, anxiety, and insomnia). Our therapist recommended a chiropractor since we have been passionate about limiting medications. Our daughter warmed up to Dr. […]

Cheryl’s Story

I’ve been going to Dr. Tiffany for almost 3 years, and my husband and kids also see her. I recently had my 2nd child by cesarean and I was unable to see my child born because the Doctors couldn’t get my spinal in my back, they ending up poking me for a hour (about 15 […]