You Decide 032: Dr. Tonya Loken – Beefing Up Your Immune System for Covid-19

This one’s a keeper! I took SIX PAGES OF NOTES! Dr. Tonya Loken is a Naturopathic Doctor and nutritionist, who practices in Fargo, ND. There is no shortage of recommendations out there and most of them are conflicting. Dr. Tonya gives us the hard truth about Covid-19 and explains the best way to beef up […]

You Decide 017: Keely Schlichting – Live Like Landon Lived

This is an incredibly special episode. Keely Schlichting and her family have faced one of the most difficult years: losing their son’s best friend to brain cancer. The impact Landon (12) has made in our community led to the mayor naming a day after him, the beginning of a foundation and Landon’s Light – a […]

You Decide 007: Danell Phelps: Be Better Today Than Yesterday

When Danell Phelps packed up and left Idaho to start a new life in West Fargo, ND to start a coffee stand, not everyone in her life was on board. A single mother, with little more behind her than determination and desire, she chased her dream knowing she was on the right path.  As the founder of […]

Episode 005: Karli Moch – Turning the Negative Into Positive

Unfortunately, Karli has had some unbelievable health challenges. Three months postpartum, Karli started a nine month nightmare of digestive issues and severe pain. Quickly diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, an autoimmune disease that affects the lower digestive tract, Karli started another devastating path through misdiagnosis and mis-medicating. Never having faced a serious health problem before, Karli didn’t think […]