Take Your Power Back and Empower Your Family

Take Your Power Back and Empower Your Family

There is a storm blowing out there … and it’s creeping into my practice. Which means it’s creeping into each of you too. I have a unique perspective here in that I see hundreds of people every week, and I place my hands on all of them. I literally feel that energy.

It’s a crappy energy. It’s stagnation. I’m feeling it to some degree, in every patient I adjust.

That storm out there is raging with all of those conflicting opinions, confusion and unrest. It’s a world of chaos presented to us every time we turn on the TV or peek at social media.

When there’s a storm of that size, how do we keep from getting caught up in it? Especially when it feels like we’re on a little life raft in this stormy sea? 

It’s quite simple actually. We take our power back.

There is no shortage of things you can’t control. I don’t need to tell you that. But just because so many things feel that way, it doesn’t mean that EVERYTHING is that way. There is one last thing that you can take complete control of.

Psst. It’s you.

That swirling external energy can swirl all it wants. You don’t have to let your energy get sucked into that vortex and start swirling along with it.

I bet I can guess what you’re thinking.

“Ok, Dr. Tiffany. How the heck do I do that?”

Good question. The answer? You just start.


I know it sounds hokey! I do! But it’s so not.

Many people think a gratitude journal is like a reverse shopping list. You just write down everything in the pantry and say thanks. But really, what it does is trains the mind to look for the good. For the blessings.

EVERY SINGLE THING IN YOUR LIFE IS A GIFT. Even the dark stuff. Maybe that tough situation made you reach further. Maybe it made you resourceful. Maybe it made you more patient.

When we can learn to be grateful for everything, that’s when we realize that life is happening FOR us, not TO us. What that’ll do for your mindset is a gamechanger.


I know that there are a wide variety of opinions around breathing and meditation. There are varying levels of how deep you want to go, but there is one thing we can all agree on. 

Breath is life. Like, literally. You can’t have one without the other. And we could all do with a little extra oxygen flowing around the body.

Breathing in deep all the way down to your toes is so healing and grounding. Giving yourself some time to really relax is more than necessary. Doing a quick body scan while you’re at it is even better. 

With a body scan, you’re really just looking for where your body is holding onto tension. Can you really be relaxed when your hands are balled into fists? It’s entirely possible that you didn’t notice you were doing it. 

Give yourself a chance to rest in this storm. And while you’re finally still – finally saying “Hey me, what do you need right now?” – if the tears come up, let them roll. If the anger comes, release it. If joy comes, thank it and ask it to come back again soon.


You are the emotional yardstick in your family.

Like it or not, when you feel off balance, everyone else does too. When your marriage is struggling, the kids are anxious, your job sucks – you’re not always the cause, but you are at LEAST half the solution.

Standing back, taking stock of how you feel, and giving yourself space to process everything is the best thing you can do for your family.

Turn off the TV. The world won’t stop if you stop watching it. You’re not going to miss anything. It’s time to take back your power and lift up your family and everyone you interact with as a result.

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