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Our office utilizes state-of-the-art technology and exam procedures to better help us understand how your body is functioning, how stress is contributing to/ deflecting from your health, and how we can help.

While many healthcare tests involve needles, heat, x-rays, or an electric shock, the scans we do in the office are completely pain-free and safe for everyone, including newborns and pregnant women. You will feel someone touch various points along your spine. That’s it!

The beauty of these scans is that they help us identify abnormal function which can’t be seen with other types of imaging and are generally not felt in the form of pain until the damage is severe. The scans will tell us if there is stress on your nervous system and how it is affecting your organs, muscles, balance, energy level, and ability to handle the demands of life.



Our office is unique in that we have a strong emphasis on family and pediatric care. That being said, we use a variety of highly-effective adjusting techniques to best improve nervous system function. The particular approach we use on a given day is based off preferences you may have, our clinical findings, and years of experience.

Tonal (Torque Release, MC2)
This technique focuses on the nervous system and the associated changes in a person’s physiology. We assess the nervous system first, starting at your feet, and then the doctor’s input via an Integrator (a silver, “clicker” type tool that you will become well-acquainted with) and is designed to affect the nervous system which affects the muscle and skeletal systems.

After completing an analysis of your spine, a specific and gentle thrust is delivered at the spinal level your doctor determines is necessary. This may produce a slight “popping” sound but is no cause for concern. The noise is the sound of gas escaping from a joint, similar to opening a champagne bottle. This means that the presence/ absence of the “popping” noise does not determine value or effectiveness of the adjustment.

The Webster technique is an incredibly effective way in which we can assess and restore pelvic alignment and nervous system function. This is turn balances pelvic muscles and ligaments and reduces torsion to the uterus. This may offer a greater potential for optimal fetal positioning.

Others including Thompson drop, SOT, Logan, Cranial, and B.E.S.T.

**We have created our “toolboxes” from multiple technique seminars, mentors and experts so although we have a list of numerous techniques, in time we create our own**

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