While most of our days are filled with running to activities, juggling schedules and being as active as the hours in the day will allow we make sure we keep our one appointment during the week that keeps us all functioning and healthy, our weekly adjustment at Healing Touch. We’ve noticed differences in our energy levels, our moods, and our performance both in the classrooms and in our continual physical activities of choice! When our kids can pick out when they need adjustments or something doesn’t quite feel right, I often wonder if we’ve created finicky monsters that are spoiled with chiropractic care or if they are crazy in-tune with their bodies, typically even without stating their concerns, Dr. Tiff or Dr. Marq can pinpoint how they’ve been and adjustments are made accordingly, usually inline with their discomforts or concerns. So I’m swayed to believe they are truly in-tune with their bodies. When you ask the kids on their early morning treks to Healing Touch why they get chiropractic adjustments each week not one of them stated “because you make us” they each had an individual reason on how it helps them and how they always feel better afterwards and do NOT like when we have to skip a week between adjustments! So a HUGE shout out to everyone at Healing Touch Chiropractic, the amazing care they provide, the down to earth people they ALL are, and helping us have a healthy family that knows and listens to their bodies!

You ALL are amazing!

Eric & Danelle Card
Kyler, Taelyn & Keagan

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  1. Healing Touch says:

    What a totally kick-butt testimony to the wonders chiropractic can have on your life. Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing. And awesome picture 🙂

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