Raising teenagers is hard work, heck being a teenager is hard work. As a parent I am always looking to open doors to positive energy and influence in my kids lives and that is what we found 8 months ago when Gabby and Charlie, started seeing Dr. Tiffany.

Dr. Tiff greets my daughter (who previously was a non-hugger) with a giant hug. Gabby knows when she enters Healing Touch she is surrounded by people that care about her physically and emotionally. As she prepared for college end of this summer, my introverted basement-dweller daughter packed her bags with excitement and energy for the next chapter. She headed up to Bemidji State with a huge smile on her face, confident in her ability to accomplish her goals of getting her construction management degree and playing college basketball. So much so, she decided to leave her ADD medication behind. Almost three months into the school year she has survived the pre-season, made some incredible friendships and discovered success in the classroom without her medication.

I believe Dr. Tiff’s care supported Gabby in her college transition and proven herself to be an important member of our parental village.

Thank you Healing Touch!

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  1. Healing Touch says:

    It has been so much fun to watch the changes unfold in BOTH of them! Grateful for your wonderful family <3

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