I hurt all over, all the time. I was sick of complaining, sick of feeling tired and sick of the medical doctors running labs on my blood and telling me that there was “nothing wrong”. I decided that after years of going to medical doctors it was time to try something new, after all, I did not have anything to lose. I have to say that I pleasantly surprised by how much the doctors and staff at Healing Touch care! From the moment I walked in, I felt welcome and was guided and was provided information all along the way. I felt heard and validated in my concerns. The doctors at Healing Touch care and provide individualized attention. I am a month into my treatment and I am hopeful then I have ever been about the possibility of actually feeling better. I am sleeping better and have less pain. I trust the doctors at Healing Touch, so much so that I have scheduled my children to see them as well.

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  1. Healing Touch says:

    We are so excited for the changes that are about to unfold for you and your family, Lisa!!

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