As we near our third anniversary with Healing Touch Chiropractic I feel compelled to share our story.  I tear up just thinking about how far we have come.

At 6 months, our daughter started experiencing digestion issues.  We tried dozens of formulas, high fiber food and probiotics.  After a year of highly managing every single thing she ate, I felt I had it under control.  Looking back I now know we were managing the issue not truly fixing it.

At 18 months, Katie ended up in the ER with RSV.  This event shaped our next year and eventually drove us to seek alternative solutions.  Katie was sick often, her illnesses appeared to be more intensified and it took her twice as long to recover compared to other children at daycare.  There were multiple scares with her breathing than had us running to the ER.  The doctors labeled her with asthma, gave us an inhaler and said good luck.

By 2-1/2 Katie was taking an adult dose of Miralax to regulate her digestion and was still sick more than most kids.  I stopped taking her to run errands with me in fear than she would be exposed to any type of virus.  One day I was sharing my story with another mom who asked me if I had ever considered chiropractic care.  This one question has changed our lives!!!

I remember our consultation with Dr. Tiffany, I just knew she was going to help.  I sat there crying as I started to list all that Katie had been through.  I just wanted her healthy and to get off that Miralax.  We walked out with a game plan.  In one month I noticed a complete difference in Katie’s tummy, she no longer looked bloated.  We started getting adjustments for our son shortly after this.  I knew this was the correct path for us.

Katie is now 5 and healthier than ever!  There is no more asthma or medicine just daily vitamins and our trusted adjustments!  This year our kids were exposed to strep, influenza, croup, and multiple virus without getting sick.  That is nearly a miracle for us, considering where we came from.  Plus we spent ZERO dollars on medical expenses this past year.  Not one walk-in visit, not one eye infection, not one of anything.  Our kids are finally healthy and for that I cannot thank Healing Touch enough!

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  1. Healing Touch says:

    What a journey!! Grateful for your family <3

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