Out journey with Dr Tiffany and Healing Touch Chiropractic started about 7 months ago after we brought our third baby boy into this world. At around 7 weeks old I realized our baby boy, Graham, started to favor one side of his head and had a hard time turning his head the other direction. This in turn made him start to develop a flat spot on one side of his head. I had heard of chiropractic before and after doing some research I decided to give it a try for Graham. I had heard of Dr Tiffany and Healing Touch Chiropractic as her daughter had been babysitting our kids for the last few months. As I went for our first visit for Graham I was a little nervous as to how they were going to attempt to help him. The attention, love, and care they gave him and me was out of this world, so much more than I ever could have imagined! Dr Tiffany answered all my questions with ease and through our conversation that very first day I had a realization that my other two children could benefit greatly from Chiropractic care as well! It wasn’t long after that first visit that all three of my boys, my husband, and myself were being adjusted regularly by the staff at Healing Touch Chiropractic. Graham started to be able to turn his head to the left, the side he struggled to before. His flat spot evened out and was no longer a concern.

My oldest son, Kash, had struggled with constipation since a baby. He would have tears every time he went to the bathroom from straining so hard. He also suffered from multiple illnesses throughout the year that really wore him down. Within the first few adjustment’s Kash told me ‘mommy I have no more tears!’ This brought tears to my eyes! I also greatly saw him bounce back quicker from coming down with a cold. What, in the past would last 2 weeks, now only lasted 4-5 days.

My middle child, Creighton, was my monster machine. He was the child who never stopped! He was constantly on the go trying to keep up with his big brother. Because of this he was stumbling a lot and falling. His balance and coordination were terrible. He was also my child who was much more of a free spirit. He didn’t like to listen and would constantly test the boundaries. He also struggled with sleeping. After 2-3 weeks my husband and I started to see changes in his behavior and coordination. He was no longer falling all the time. He would listen better and behave better.

My husband, Michael, started going to Healing Touch because he struggled with pain in his elbow caused by tendinitis. He went through weeks of physical therapy and didn’t see any improvement. He was in so much pain he couldn’t grip a ball, throw a ball (if you know my husband this was not ideal!) or hold our baby. Around this time he was also going through a personal life stressor that took a lot out of him. He wasn’t able to release the stress and it was wearing him down. Within the first few adjustments the pain in his arm was much better! He was able to hold our baby and get back to sports that he so loved. I also started to see a change in his mood. I think he was finally able to release what was holding him down so he could get back to being the social, loving, outgoing guy he is. Now, after seeing my whole family go through changes with chiropractic care, I decided it was mommy’s turn to get in on the action.

Most of my adult life I have struggled with low back pain and chronic illnesses. I was the one in the family who would get every cold, flu, and illness that was going around. I would hang on to these illnesses for weeks on end. I was ready to jump-start my immune system and hopefully rid myself of some of my low back pain. Right around the time I started getting adjusted at Healing Touch Chiropractic I ended up suffering from a couple kidney stones. My body had a hard time passing these stones but Dr Tiffany and Dr Marqelle went out of their way to research home remedies for me to help my body pass these and personally emailed those to me. I have never had a doctor of any sort do that for me! Recently I have noticed less low back pain also! So, I think it’s safe to say that Dr Tiffany and her team have greatly impacted my family and has helped each of us heal to be the best person we can be! I will be forever grateful to the Healing Touch Chiropractic family!

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    Chiro care is definitely a family affair 🙂 Always happy to see the crew of blondes walk in !

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