The Kiefert’s Story

The Kiefert’s Story

Chiropractic keeps the entire Kiefert family healthier…

When Aiden was only a couple of months old, he got an ear infection. The doctor said that he would probably have many infections before the winter was over since he was born in January. I had been going to Dr. Tiffany for a couple of years and knew how being adjusted helped the whole body. I knew it would help my son.

After Aiden started chiropractic care he has only had 1 other ear infection since, and he is 2 ½ years old now. I saw how much it helped my son and had his older sister Katie start chiropractic care just to keep her healthy. I now have another son, Jackson, that has been adjusted since he was born.

Being adjusted by Dr. Tiffany has helped my kids stay healthy and feel better. My son, Aiden, has never had the flu and Katie stays very healthy as well. I know they feel better because they tell me (and they get mad when I get adjusted and they aren’t that week!).

The advice I offer other parents who are striving for a wellness lifestyle for their children is to give chiropractic a try. The worst that could happen is that you see no change. I promise you will notice that your kids get sick less and are happier because they feel better.

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