This is just a quick reminder to trust your gut. Trust what you feel, even if you don’t know why or how. Whether you’re nudged to make a decision, have a difficult conversation, need to walk away from something or someone, listen up. Trust that this “nudge” is all for your greater good, for reasons you may not know yet. Know that everything is just a lesson and is for our learning.

So many times we second guess ourselves, think we need to explain ourselves or say the right things to validate something to someone. You are not required to prove your point or substantiate your WHY to anyone, especially those who aren’t in your tribe (psst: this could be your family).

People ask me, “How do you know which voice is talking to you”? I’m sharing a few things that I’ve learned over the years that help me discern and take inventory of my mind, body and life:

If you’re a quick decision maker and you are hemmin’ and hawin’, “here is your sign”…

If something just doesn’t feel quite right, “here is your sign”…

If you are irritated and agitated and there is no apparent reason, “here is your sign”…

If you are having a difficult time sitting/being still because of your addiction to being busy and getting sh!t done, “here is your sign”…

But bottom line, if your brain is constantly noisy, you won’t “see the signs”. These tips may help you quiet the monkey mind so that you can see and hear more:

* Journal your thoughts and feelings every day

* Listen to music

* Move your body

* Meditate, pray

* Read, write, draw

* Eat more food that comes from a plant or the ground

Trust your gut, follow your heart. It won’t ever let you down or lead you astray. Here’s to shutting that brain off for a few minutes every day.


Dr. T

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