You Know It’s Bad When Your Thongs Are Tight

Not those thongs. Shoes. The ones you wear when you're walking the walk. I had to take better care of my feet, to take action, so I could talk the talk. | Healing Touch Chiropractic

You Know It’s Bad When Your Thongs Are Tight

I did. Memorial Day 2015. This was it. I was going to start something and follow through. This wasn’t a case of bad shoes, it was a case of wearing the ones that fit, figuratively, and wearing them well.

I was going to change on the inside to be a beacon of light for everyone around me.

I wanted to be a better wife and mom; leader and doctor; friend, daughter, sister, coach. It was time. I took 100% responsibility for myself and I got my shit together (oh, and I didn’t blame anyone else this time). It was my life and only I can change it.

Why was it “time”? I felt incongruent between what I was saying and what I was doing. What I teach is that health happens from the inside, only YOU can make you happy, and to live aligned in your values and morals, in your professional and personal life. Although I gave great advice, I wasn’t doing it. If I did do something, it was a short burst of weekend warrior-ism. If I didn’t do it, I felt guilty and the self-sabotage continued.

Is anyone hearing me out there?

I imagine so, as in the thousands of women I’ve worked with, this is common. But who wants to be common? Average? Mediocre? Not me.  I was surprisingly gentle with myself. I empowered myself along the way. I observed the feelings and emotions instead of being them. I journaled as I went through the layers of healing to release old thoughts and behaviors in the hopes of creating new ones that aligned with me now.

I did what I recommend everyone do: love yourself, eat whole foods, drink pure water (and nothing else) and believe that you will do it. Be active. Stay on a schedule (eating, sleeping and anything else that fits into your life). And all of this has changed everything. The things I have struggled with my whole life I overcame:

  • A grand vision, lack of implementation (starting, not finishing)
  • Struck by peer pressure (the belief that in order to have a good time, one needs to party)
  • Making choices when I was stressed (HELLO, apps and taps!!)

I walked the walk.

I wanted to be a leader who took action, instead of always ‘Talking the Talk’. I wanted to be a role model to my husband, kids, family, friends, staff, patients and community.

I can safely say that I took control of my life. I haven’t wasted a day or weekend, I haven’t been tired or groggy, I haven’t had a surge of crabbiness, cravings, or self-sabotage. That doesn’t mean it’s been easy. As they say, if it were easy, everyone would do it.

If it’s valuable enough, you WILL do it. Take some time to figure out what you want your life to be like. Your health. Your relationships. Your passions. Your LIFE. You get to create it.

This is how my life has changed:

  • I’m a better mom
  • I am more calm and stable, not riding the highs and lows
  • I meal plan, cook and clean more than I ever have
  • I don’t need as much sleep
  • I am 10x more productive

Bottom line: I believe in myself.

I believe in my body. I believe I was brought into this world to Change The World. And that’s what I’m going to do.

And you can, too. Create the life YOU want. Now!

Dr. T

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