What I Am Thankful For…

This year I got to decide if I was going to sink or swim. Succeed or fail. Live or die. It's been an agonizingly difficult year, and I'm thankful for it. | Healing Touch Chiropractic

What I Am Thankful For…

My personal mantra this year was, “Figure out what you really love to do and JUST DO IT.”

After a difficult year, I’ve been able to look back and see huge lessons (more in a future blog). As my mentors have always stated, “The bigger the strife, the bigger the lesson, and the bigger the reward.” This year I got to decide if I was going to sink or swim. Succeed or fail. Live or die. I got to decide what direction to go when there was a T in the road. I feel I have succeeded tremendously, with an incredible amount of help from everyone around me.

Listed are the most important things that came to my mind:

  1. My husband, Craig, and kids, Callyn and Gavin. I’m not sure if I can ever give unconditional life like they do. Every minute, hour, day, and year.
  2. My mom and dad. I’ve relied on them more this year than any. I’ve opened up and been vulnerable for maybe the first time ever with my dad and SHEESH, I guess that’s when the magic happens. We have all grown so close, are able to be honest with each other and truly show respect at all times.
  3. All other family and friends. I’ve chosen who I want to spend time with. I’ve figured out the kind of person I want to spend time with and have carved out time in my schedule to build those relationships. We make time for everything that we consider a priority.
  4. My health. After a bout of high stress and sickness last winter (the first sickness in over 10 years), I’ve personally seen how a lack of health impacts our life. Nothing else matters without health, from the inside out.
  5. My staff.  Without them, I could not fulfill any dream.I could not make an impact. I am fully supported by the group of people who help me serve.
  6. My patients.  As much as I’m helping you, you are helping me equally (or way more!). You have taught me about love, loss, and life; along with faith, trust and hope every single day. On days that I’m not 100% (yes, it does happen), you pick me up. You give me that hug that I need with that wink that says, “Go get ‘em girl. Keep on plugging away. I believe in you.”
  7. God.  I’m thankful that I was chosen to live this life and given the strengths to impact everyone around me. I’m thankful to have been brought into this world with my family, for those are lessons that make me who I am.
  8. Me. Damn, am I thankful that I’ve been put on this planet to do what I love…inspire, give hope and transform lives. I’m thankful that I have been given the courage to rise to the challenge. I’m thankful I have seen the strength and beauty in myself so that I can continue to share my message to the world. I’m thankful that I have decided, for once and for all, that I AM WORTH IT.

My lesson to you reading this…people cannot help you if you do not know what you want, who you want to be and what you want to do in this lifetime. That was my mission for this year…to REALLY figure out who I am, who I continue to strive to be and how am I going to shine that light to the world.

I am grateful for all of you reading this – whether I personally know you, you are an acquaintance, or if I’ve never met you, I thank you for your support. We are all connected. We are all amazing beings…so go on, let your light shine and know I will always support you in every way I possibly can.

Be grateful. Look forward. Remember where you came from.
Dr. Tiffany

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