You Decide 016: Dr. Delrae Messer – Choosing To See Your Blessings

You Decide 016: Dr. Delrae Messer – Choosing To See Your Blessings

A message so nice, we’re playing it twice! One of our first guests, Dr. Delrae Messer treated us to this OUTSTANDING conversation, and we wanted to replay it, in case you missed it.

In it, she shares her biggest life lessons including finding joy in the journey, and finding fulfillment through personal growth, contribution and services to others. She explains how in a world of accolades and awards, we’ve lost our way, thinking that we have to make a massive contribution to make a difference, when truly, the difference comes though the day-to-day, taking time to smile at someone, volunteering, giving back, and in a nutshell, service to others.  

In this inspiring conversation, Dr. Delrae details why the things we don’t think mean anything, are actually what mean the most. Find out more about why she thought her biggest gift as an athlete, was not being naturally gifted, how it’s shaped her parenting philosophy, the power of asking yourself “why MUST I change?”, and nails down the mindset required to make lasting changes in your life. 

Notes from Dr. Tiffany: 

Dr. Delrae is one of the most compassionate humans I’ve ever met. We are both small town ND girls, Chiropractors and have a deep need to make an impact in the world. A powerful leader, she is changing lives through living healthy, from the inside out. 

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