You Decide 035: Kristin Jacobsen – Let Your Body Do What It Was Meant To Do

You Decide 035: Kristin Jacobsen – Let Your Body Do What It Was Meant To Do

I always describe Kristin Jacobsen and her family as one of my “lighthouse” families. She takes the light we cultivate together, and shines it on everyone she meets.

When her son Alex was young he had recurring ear infections. With her doctor’s assurance she assumed it was normal. She masked the symptoms with medications for years and but when the size of the dosages outgrew her son, she knew she needed to find another way.

When she showed up at my office thirteen years ago, she was doubtful to say the least. Since then she’s grown into an advocate for chiropractic and a holistic approach to health.

Tune in as she gives her testimony, describes her path away from meds and into healthy, happy, resilient bodies for her whole family. In her own words, chiropractic allows “your body to do what it was meant to do.” Encouraging words for these times indeed!


I am married to Dave, a mother of two, Alex 16 and Alyssa 10 and we have been going to see Dr. Tiffany for approximately 13 years. I work full time in the real estate industry at a local title company. We started chiropractic when our son was 3 and wish we had started earlier. I never believed in chiropractic before because no one in my family had ever been to one. My mom is a retired OB nurse and some of her co-workers recommended that we go to one when Alex was a baby when they heard about all of his ear infections the first year of his life. We blew it off as we thought no running to the doctor monthly was normal and getting meds as you know he is in daycare and that is “normal!” It may be the norm for society’s way of thinking but sorry that is not normal! NO WAY! I regret that we followed that path, but forever thankful that we found Dr. T for our entire family. Our daughter, Alyssa, has never been on medications or to a doctor for any illness. Yes, she gets and occasional illness that has no severity or longevity. She has been seeing Dr. T. since she was born. We all go to Dr. T for our wellness journey and have been for the past 13+ years.


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