You Decide 039: Dr. Tiffany Johnson – Muting The People Who SUCK

You Decide 039: Dr. Tiffany Johnson – Muting The People Who SUCK

Today we’re talking circle of influence. Is there anyone in your circle who needs to be muted?

When you feel the pull toward a new idea, do you bounce it off the people in your circle? Most of us do. But how many people in that circle poo-poo on your idea because it scares them? How often are you dissuaded by the impending “I told you so’s” coming down the line if you fail?

If your heart, gut, intuition and mindset are all high-fiving when they hear your idea – that is all you need. Setting a boundary with the negative Nancy’s (or Ned’s) in your group can help you redefine the role they have in your decision making.

Wins are super fun. But those fails, girl … those are the biggest gift. Don’t be afraid of them, and certainly don’t be afraid of the people who would ignore the benefits of that wealth of experience and rub it in your face.

Your inner guidance is all that you need. Trust yourself.

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