Your Child, Your Decision

Your Child, Your Decision

You’ve had enough. You don’t know what to do next, but you know that what you’re doing now isn’t working. You’ve been concerned, frustrated, sad. You’ve looked at your child with a different lens and you KNOW it’s time to find answers.

You look first to what you know and that was a bust. Your child just had the ULTIMATE temper tantrum in the doctor’s office after the doc says this behavior is “normal”.

No doctor, it’s not.

Biting, yelling, drooling, anger, anti-social, sensory overload, sick all the time, poor sleep, constantly tired, like in a daze.

THIS is not normal.

Straight gas pedal to crash. Over and over and over again. And this is how kids should feel and behave? We’re comparing disconnected kids to disconnected kids…And we’ve gotten used to it. That’s the real problem.

This has become our normal:

  • temper tantrums (described as self-expression but really is an inability to connect)
  • poor sleep (growing pains, nightmares, brain is too busy)
  • short attention spans (too much technology, not enough activity, less family nurturing)
  • allergies, sinus drainage, tummy aches, (poor food choices, stress response, picky eater)
  • difficulty going #2 and potty training (constipation, quick fix food choices, high dairy, not hungry)

These symptoms show that this this little body is STRESSED. And unfortunately it’s all they know, it’s all you know. These are not things that are “grown out of” but instead they morph into something else. For example, if a long-term solution wasn’t made for chronic ear infections, the problem is still there…stress in the upper neck and brain and that is the computer that controls the whole body. That problem may show up next as headaches. Or retained primitive reflexes. Or temper tantrums. Or sleep issues. Or fatigue. Or depression. Or sensory challenges. Or hyperactivity. Or learning difficulties. Or speech challenges. Or constipation. Or allergies.

THESE, in my book are not normal. Because symptoms disappear, joy reappears while health is fully restored. I see this every day so I know it’s possible.


The first step is not settling for less, not allowing “less than” GREAT health for your children. Be aware – slow down and watch them, listen to them, ask them questions. Help them feel their body, to know what “good” feels like so they learn when something is off in their body.

Then be adamant to find another solution. A solution that focuses on full healing from the inside out, not a quick fix, not a patch. Not surgery. Not meds.

**Most important: Make this decision from your heart/gut, from love…not from fear or scare tactics.

Your child relies on YOU. Make the call, take the step.

Chiropractic is the answer. It’s your answer.

Dr. T

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