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We know you're Stressed

We Deliver Hope.

Hope is what we bring to the countless families we work with. Some come as a last resort. They’ve tried it all – but they still feel limited, sick and unheard. Through the magic of Chiropractic, we elevate your family to live without limits and to see the body and mind as brilliant not broken.

Why? Hope is the foundation to your life. It gives communities a platform to create a culture of support and belonging. Hope gives families a means to break out of generational patterns by choosing to live aligned and connected, in body and mind. Hope gives YOU a nudge to never settle for less than what is possible, no matter your past.

I am CERTAIN we can help your family, and you have our commitment, that we won’t stop looking until we find the answers you need.

Total Family Care

Hope. Possibility. Results.

At Healing Touch Chiropractic, we see families come in feeling hopeless, broken and fed up with feeling confused by their health. Our commitment to them and to you, is that no one leaves here without hope and knowing that your whole life can transform when you embrace your body instead of dealing with it.

Our areas of expertise are prenatal, pediatric and family care. We know that you are a unit, and want to see you thrive as one.

Hey Mama (or hopeful mama),

If you’ve scrolled this far, chances are you’re feeling a little hopeless. Maybe you’ve heard “there’s nothing wrong” too many times, even though you KNOW you’re suffering. Maybe you’re tired of thinking your body is broken and will never conceive. Maybe you’re facing a lifetime of medications propping up your baby, when you know they were destined for more.

Girl, come home. We’ve got you. Healing Touch Chiropractic is more than a Chiropractic clinic. We take frustrated, frightened women and families, wrap them in a hug and help them heal. It’s what Dr. Tiff was born to do, and you’ll know that the minute you meet her. 

Do yourself a favor and give us a call. Life can have ease and peace when you have the right tribe alongside you. Reach out. We want to help, and we absolutely can.

Come in and experience

What Makes Us Different

Sure. The first thing you’ll notice is that we don’t wear white coats. We are often barefoot. You’ll hear a whole lot of jokes, laughs and even some cries. But we’re not total hippies.

The biggest thing that sets us apart is our commitment to you. We have invested in state of the art technology that gives us, in the most literal sense, the full picture. Our vitality assessments are focused on the function of the brain and the nervous system, and we do objective testing to figure out how stress is affecting your life. 

We know how hard it is to go without answers. We will help you find them. And the tools and technology that we’ve invested in to help us do that, are a testament to that commitment.

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Dr. Tiff

Hi! I’m Dr. Tiff, a Chiropractor in West Fargo, ND. Over my years in practice I learned that what drew me to Chiropractic, was that I am a healer at heart. My time in Chiropractic has given me the opportunity to work with thousands of families, and in so many of them, our healing went FAR beyond spinal health.

I discovered I have a knack for moving people, especially women, out of a stuck place, into a place of freedom, hope and joy. And that look, when hope breaks through in someone’s eye? That’s addictive.

So that’s what I do – body, mind and soul – and I LOVE IT.

We don't do band-aids

Many of our patients come in with an idea that something is wrong. Sometimes it’s specific, sometimes it’s just a general yucky feeling. As we work to regain balance in their body by clearing the neural freeway of debris and distress, they find many unexpected benefits.

Anxiety, depression, immune challenges, chronic sickness & pain, fatigue, behavioural & learning challenges, constipation, gut issues, digestive issues – many people think that these symptoms are just a part of life. And when they show up, it’s become WAY too common to hide them with medications.

Before we try to get rid of the symptoms, it’s worth considering whether or not the brain is firing messages to the rest of the body with ease and speed. Sometimes, the simple act of clearing the pathway from brain to body, can knock any of these issues out of the park.


Your body is brilliant, not broken – and we won’t quit until you believe it. Your natural state is one of ease, and we can help that happen. It’s what we do.


We are experts in optimizing neurological and spinal function – but we don’t stop there. Your emotional state is a huge part of the puzzle, and we refuse to ignore it.


Our patients are lifers. Why? Once your mind and body moves into a state of ease, it’s hard to imagine ever going back to the way things were. Our families become Chiro advocates.

Imagine a life without limits ...

We want to show you what great feels like

Psst! Friends! Dr. Tiff here.

Can I tell you something? Anxiety, fatigue, depression, allergies, sick days – they don’t have to be a way of life. Many people come to my practice for wrist pain, and as we heal it, they begin to see the unexpected results of hormones coming into balance, digestive issues resolving or depression lifting.

Pretending we don’t know that it’s all related to the nervous system is not helping anyone. Let’s get to the root of the problem, bring your body into alignment, and get you living a life without limits.

Imagine a life without limits ...

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Your Body is Brilliant, Not Broken

Call us today and make hope, health and living without limits your new reality.