Our family has been coming to Dr. Tiffany for 10+ years and I wish we would have found her sooner! The original start was just to get checked after meeting up with her at the Women’s Showcase at the Fargo Dome. I met with her as I was having sinus issues and our health wasn’t going in the direction we wanted! Pretty soon our entire family started seeing Dr. Tiffany after our meeting and we are so very thankful for her and her true ability to point us into a healthier way of living! She gives our bodies what they need to heal and to do what they were made to do! Ever since going to Dr. Tiffany, our children have not been on any medications in the past 10+ years. In fact, our 7 year daughter has never been on one medication nor has had to visit a doctor for any type of illness. If they get sick, it is for 1-2 days and very mild! The same goes for my husband and I as we can tell when our bodies need an adjustment as we are way more aware of our bodies now! If your child is suffering with allergies or ear infections, make a visit to Dr. Tiffany first as I wish we would have instead of having our oldest take medications and doctor visit after doctor visit and eventually tubes! Dr. Tiffany is truly a blessing to our family and our health!

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  1. Healing Touch says:

    Has it been that long already?! Your family has been through so many changes and we’re grateful to be there with ya along the ride <3

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