I have 3 kids who get adjusted as well as my husband and I. Our youngest when we came to Dr. Tiffany was having ear infections all the time despite being adjusted from day 1. She improved her ears and the quality of sleep we got. Our middle child hated being adjusted and would scream all the time now she loves going and even ask to go. Our oldest was sick all the time and not he still get sick but only a couple times a year versus multiple times in a month. I don’t have the headaches or backaches I used to fight with. After I broke my foot she helped me come back from it and even got rid of the plantar fasciitis I got while in the cast. She saved me from having multiple shots of cortisone. We can’t thank Dr. Tiffany enough for all she does and for how much she truly cares about patients!

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  1. Healing Touch says:

    Aww, love you and your family! Thank you for sharing your story <3

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