I have been going to chiropractors for about 19 years. Prior doctors helped with my back issues, my neck pain, etc. but I was just another patient. Going to Dr. Tiffany is a totally different experience. She truly, truly cares. While my physical symptoms are better – and some that I didn’t even think chiropractic care would ever help – my mental and emotional issues are better. Everything is related in your body and if you are stressed or sad it impacts you physically in ways that you don’t realize. She has helped me get to that understanding and helped heal me. I look forward to my early morning appointments, even when it was frigid cold outside. Wrapping up with the hug always leaves me with a smile. AND – the Restorative Yoga classes at Healing Touch Yoga are FABULOUS!!

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  1. Healing Touch says:

    You are wise beyond your years, grasshopper 🙂 Appreciate you!

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