I have been seeing The Queen T as I call her, others call her Dr. T, for close to a year in a half now. I came into her office a “hot mess” with fatigue, hot flashes, migraines, just a lot of crap from chronic stress. Her test results showed how poorly my body was functioning. After her treatment plan, I now no longer get hot flashes, have much more energy, less migraines, and feel like a person again. She truly has magic healing hands that are a gift from above and has found her purpose by helping her patients in all areas of life. Her staff is also wonderful – very friendly and on top of things. This isn’t your ordinary chiropractor office by any means. They have raised the bar I don’t think anyone can beat.

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  1. Healing Touch says:

    How different your life looks now compared to then 🙂 Thank you for your words- I know they will help others find their way to better <3

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