I have always believed that things happen for a reason, and you are placed in people’s lives for a specific reason and that couldn’t be anymore accurate for this situation. I had a problematic back for the last 20 years and had doctored on and off but nothing recently. As I was scrolling through Facebook I came across Dr. T speaking on how HTC was a holistic office that cared about body and mind wellness and not just treating an ache or pain. I decided to make an appointment and check it out…. well I fell in LOVE, with the office setting, staff and both doctors!!
Fast forward ONE day and I would find myself in a terrible car accident. Right time …. my husband would happen to be in a golf tournament with Dr. T’s husband who my husband tells I was in an accident and she contacts me right away to come and see her on Monday. Had I not been to the office on Thursday for the initial exam I would have probably not known any better and went to a medical doctor to get pain pills to just GET BY!
With the help of Dr. T and Dr. Marq they have shown compassion that I can not put into words, making time to meet me when they didn’t have to and doing all that they could to make sure I understood that even though the progress sometimes seems like it is not happening overnight like you hope it is definitely working.
I will be bringing in my children very soon to get them aligned to feel the effects of chiropractic in this setting!!

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  1. Tiffany Johnson says:

    And thank YOU for allowing us to share in your journey! So glad our paths crossed again…. several times 🙂 XO

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