It took me forever to realize that I was getting well (or better). My moment was when I golfed for the first time last week! We walked the course which is not flat. My partner and I had a group of about 12 high school boys playing behind us and she was all nervous about them catching up to us or constantly waiting for us. Not so. If it would have been last year, I would have never been able to keep going like I did but I know that yoga and my adjustments did the trick. We had to play fast but it was fun. I kept asking myself all winter why I was driving all that way to see a chiropractor, but now I know why. Thank you to Dr. Tiffany.


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  1. Healing Touch says:

    Now we just need to meet-up on the golf course, Judy 😛 But seriously, thank you for sharing! It always packs a different punch to read someone’s story. XO

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