I have been Dr. Tiffany for a number of years now. I remember my initial visit as I discussed with some issues of depression. She listened with her whole heart. She shared her stories and we chatted as friends. She directed me to other avenues of healing besides chiropractic which I still practice today if need be. I see her nearly weekly and she is so in tune with my attitude during the visit. Then she works her magic and does what she does to bring the peace and calm I enjoy. I bring my 8yr and 4yr old grandkids with and I can tell the feel the magic too. The ride to our visit and the ride on the way home are evidence of that.
She has adjusted us for flues, colds, sinus infections, ear problems and posture issues for sitting at a computer all day.
If you want a whole body experience, Dr. Tiffany is your gal! Thank you Dr. Tiffany!

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  1. Healing Touch says:

    Who says you can’t be friends with your healthcare team 😛 Love you!

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